I wanted to share what I’ve been working on for the past 4 months.  I still have a long way to go, but that means that I can incorporate ideas and feedback that players have.

In this post, I wanted to focus on how battles work in Meteorfall, since that’s really the core of the game.

In the image above, we have Bruno (the player’s character) fighting a Globber.  We can see Bruno’s ability deck with the “Slash II” ability on top.  Each turn, you’ll be able to draw a number of cards from your deck equal to your speed.  Bruno has drawn one card, and will be able to draw 2 more, as indicated by the hourglass icon.

When you draw a card, you can either swipe it left or swipe it right.  If you swipe it left, you ‘take a breather’ for that action and recover stamina.  Otherwise, you pay the stamina cost for the card and resolve the effect.  Slash is a really simple card, and Bruno’s basic deck is composed primarily of Slash cards.

After you run out of actions, its’ your opponent’s turn.  The battle continues to go back-and-forth until one character is victorious.  If you run out of abilities in your deck, your discard pile if shuffled back in.

Part of what makes Meteorfall’s combat interesting is the balance between playing aggressively, or playing cards more conservatively to conserve stamina for more powerful moves.  A bunch of aggressive Slash abilities for instance might mean that you’re out of stamina when you draw a Slam ability.

As you adventure through different locations, you’ll earn new abilities that you can add to your deck.  Like with all deck builders, creating an efficient deck is key.  You don’t want to add every card to your deck – just the ones that synergize with the other cards.